2020-01-27 Midwinter PHI Refresher Course

2020 Midwinter PHI Refresher Course

        Sat., Feb. 15th, post-7 PM Humboldt Poultry Fanciers’ Association (HPFA) Show*

        Banquet, Turf Rm, Humboldt Co. Fairgrounds, Ferndale

I will present details on the  status of the vND outbreak, outlook for live poultry shows during 2020 Fair season, & participation of PHIs in the eradication effort.

!! A gift will be presented to the first PHI reading this notice and leaving a message on my office phone 760 699-5078)!!

*Due to its geographically remote location and the absence of commercial poultry operations in the area, the Show is going forward with the conditional blessing of our State Veterinarian.